Sure the smog makes it hard to breathe, and even the football team chose to leave…

Posted On August 1, 2009

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but they came back and so will we, to O-H-I-O

Dear Cleveland,

Are you honestly surprised? 

The recent trades of Cliff Lee, Victor Martinez, Ryan Garko, and Ben Fransisco have put a damper on our plans, sure.   But why all of this negative energy?  If you’re a Cleveland fan – not a lightweight fan – but a real, honest, bleed orange and brown (or wine and gold, or red and blue) take-it-to-the-grave sort of fan, you’ve gotta let this one go. 

I’ve only been a Cleveland fan for 23 short years.  And honestly, most of those I was more consumed by *N Sync’s dance moves than I was with Oral Hershiser’s MVP.  I like to call those the dark years.   But I watched J*$e M&#a blow the ninth inning.  I heard the cheers when Tim Couch went down.  And I covered my face in shame as LeBron stormed off the court.  I know Cleveland.  I know that we’re more than The Drive or The Fumble or The Shot.

For reasons beyond my reasoning, people fall in love with this town.  CC Sabathia, Victor Martinez, Omar Vizquel, Brady Quinn, heck, even Manny Ramirez love this town. 

My point here is not to say that you shouldn’t be frustrated.  The sign of a Cleveland fan is constant frustration.  I mean, Cleveland, we’re nothing if not frustrated and angry, right?

No, no.  My friends.  This talk I hear about finally giving up, about not attending another game, about teaching your newborn children to root for another team, is bologna.  You can’t teach your child to root for another team.  It’s in your blood, remember?

If you give up now, all these years of heartache and anguish over your teams will have been in vain.  But, if we dig our heels in, maybe, just maybe, one day it will happen and you’ll be able to lean over to your possibly grown child and say, “I never doubted them for a second.”


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