and i promise you kid…

Posted On November 19, 2009

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…that i’ll give so much more than i’ll get

It’s hard to believe how long it’s been since my last post.  I was counting the days to the kickoff of the Browns season, and now I’m counting the days until it’s over. 

No, but really.  It’s hard to watch.  It’s ugly, it’s pathetic and it’s embarrassing.  But I can’t not watch.  I watched every minute of the Ravens game on Monday night and held out hope that it would get better. 

But that’s not what you want to read about, now is it? 

In updates from previous posts, my first ‘garden’ ended as a pretty big fail.  My peppers turned black, I only got about 2 small tomatoes before it snowed and my plant froze, and my beautiful beautiful hybiscus only bloomed the week I was in Vegas.  I heard it was gorgeous, though.  So point for me.

I promised myself I wouldn’t think about my ‘future’ until after our Young Life banquet was over.  I had too much going on this fall and too much work to do for the banquet to spend time worrying about something I didn’t need to be.  It was easy to put it off.  It gave me an excuse to focus on being more ‘in the moment’ and I didn’t worry if this is where God wanted me, because I knew it was, and I could rest in that.

Banquet’s over.  Cue anxious nights and an unsettled feeling in my stomach. 

I plan on blogging more regularly through this winter season – with the shorter days and students on break, I have more time for reflection and my personal space.  It’s time that I should set aside all throughout my year, but tend to let myself be distracted by everything for everyone else. 

I have (even more) thoughts on singleness and community and Christianity, and look forward to finally writing them down, instead of letting them stew in my head. 

But in the meantime, please enjoy this.  It never ever fails to make me smile.


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