educated in a small town…

Posted On June 10, 2009

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…taught to fear Jesus in a small town.

This small town theme seems to constantly be running through my head.  But I’m really embracing the time on my front porch and growing peppers and walking to work.  And so it is always on my mind. 

Last weekend I had a couple YL guys crash at my place, and Saturday morning we got up early (early early) and went to the craziest garage sale I’ve ever experienced.  Seemed like every house in the neighborhood was having a sale and every town resident showed up.  By car, mainly, but also on foot through the woods or Amish buggy.  I swear it could’ve been a Gilmore Girls episode.

Summer is moving so fast.  Seems like all fall and spring I was always looking forward to the next thing.  But I’m scared to do that now and miss these quick months of sun.  I can only hope these long days just keep getting longer.

For now, a garden update and crafting update:

Amazing what a tablecloth and some modpodge will do  for a coffee table and a flower pot.