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Posted On June 24, 2009

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…blowin’ through the jasmine in my mind

This is my summer playlist, in a very particular order.  This, folks, is a perfectly crafted playlist – I make a playlist every few months (once a season, maybe) that serves almost as a journal entry for me.  This is my summer!

Check these songs out for yourself – I guarantee you’ll be better off for it.  Some old, some new, some covers, some blue.  Hah so lame.  But seriously, I hope you check it out –  I know I can’t listen to Matt Wertz without smiling.

1. “Everything’s Right” – Matt Wertz
2. “Sunshine (Gone Away Today)” – Jonathan Edwards
3. “Fields of Gold” – Eva Cassidy
4. “Free Fallin” – John Mayer
5. “Here Comes the Sun” – Yo Yo Ma and James Taylor
6. “Vegas” – Sara Bareilles
7. “Waiting” – Matt Wertz
8. “Our Town” – James Taylor
9. “Don’t Stop Believing” – GLEE Cast
10. “Life is Okay” – Michael Johns feat. Brooke White
11. “If I Ever” – Alli Rogers
12. “Until You” – Dave Barnes
13. “Helpless When She Smiles” – Backstreet Boys
14. “The Only Promise That Remains” – Reba McEntire feat. Justin Timberlake
15. “Life Run Deep” – PW Gopal